All for one and one for all!

Our events simply wouldn’t be possible without our fantastic network of partners. These companies provide peripheral services to our teams, making sure they have what they need to reach the Start (and hopefully) the Finish Line of each of our events!

What’s more, they have kindly agreed to offer their services to all Teams at a preferred rate!
Check out these officially wonderful organisations below. 

Service Partners

Bushlore Self Drive

Bulshore Self-Drive Safaris

When 4×4 rental in sub-Saharan Africa is mentioned, only one name comes to mind. Bushlore are synonymous with excellent vehicles, reliable services, and fantastic coverage across the entire region. We frankly wouldn’t be comfortable partnering with anyone but the best, and that’s Bushlore!

They are particularly popular, so we advise any teams wishing to enter our 4×4 category and rent from Bushlore to contact them immediately, to avoid disappointment.

Js Travel Insurance logo

JS Travel Insurance

Trying to explain to a travel insurance company about what the Africa Rally entails can be a difficult process, and should anything go wrong, you want to relax in the knowledge you are covered.

This is why we’ve partnered with JS Travel Insurance who offer a specific policy just for charity vehicle rallies! Furthermore, we’ve got them to agree to giving any Africa Rally Team a discount against their standard insurance premium – simply drop them an email or call +44 (0)1273 092 757 referencing your Africa Rally Team Name, and they’ll make sure you’re covered!

Global Fixers Logo

Global Fixers

Africa Rally Team: We’re really quite attached to our current overlanding vehicle, and want to take part in this, rather than buying / renting something in South Africa – how do we go about doing that?

Africa Rally HQ: Well… Good News! We’ve partnered with Global Fixers, who are experts in international logistics, and they can arrange everything for you. They contact multiple shipping providers on your behalf, finding you the best deal for your chosen departure port into Durban, South Africa. They can then also arrange delivery of your vehicle to the start line, or to a nearby airport location for you to pickup. The same counts for the way home, where they can arrange shipping out of Mombasa, Kenya to your home port, or if you are continuing your adventure through Africa they can work with you to ensure you have everything you need for the journey ahead.

Why spend hours with customs agents, local officials, and shipping providers, when you can have everything done for you! Click the logo to find out more

Hospitality Partners

Sparrow Hawk Lodge Logo

Sparrow Hawk Lodge

Where does it all start? We’ve kept the first of our major hospitality partners under wraps for long enough, and it gives us great pleasure to announce Sparrow Hawk Lodge as the Start Line venue for the Africa Rally!

Situated mere minutes’ drive from the stunning Hartbeespoort dam, and cut into the mountain for awesome views, this truly unique slice of paradise is where teams will gather on 1st July before heading off into Africa. Free food, camping, drinks, and entertainment will be provided on the Saturday, with rooms available to book on a first come first served basis.

Eselbe camp logo

Eselbe Camp

Quite simply an essential stop for any Africa Rally team going through Nata, Botswana. The laid-back and familiar atmosphere allows for easy socialising with fellow travellers and the communal approach to the camp means you never know who you’ll meet sitting round the fire pit.

Located on the banks of the Nata River itself, Eselbe also offers free use of their canoes to any visitor during the day, and a staggeringly clear view of the stars at night. When our Advanced Research Team first pulled in here, the orange VW Kombi definitely announced to us that we were in the right place, and we’re confident you’ll have an awesome stay here as well!

Chobe Forest Camp Logo

Chobe Forest Camp

Situated just 40kms from the Botswana / Zambia border, Chobe Forest Camp is the perfect place to spend a night before making the crossing. An absolutely spotless campsite, as well as luxury safari tents await as the reward for making it along the dried up riverbed which is their driveway.

Keep a close eye on the bushes, as the area boasts some of the best wildlife Botswana has to offer – elephants, zebras, giraffe, lions, leopards, and even cheetahs can be spotted! …and don’t get us started on the stars at night… without doubt one of the best areas in the world to see the milky way with the naked eye, all while sitting around one of the group campfire areas. Checkout their website for more details and to book your spot!

Victoria Falls Logo

Victoria Falls Waterfront

It’s not every day you get to see one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and Victoria Falls in particular is a sight few will ever forget.

To ensure the best experience we’ve partnered with Victoria Falls Waterfront; a lodge sitting on the awe-inspiring banks of the Zambezi, a mere stone’s throw away from the beauty and grandeur of the falls. What’s more? Not only is everything from comfortable camping to private rooms and chalets available, they can organise the best ways to see Victoria Falls for you, by land, water, or by air (highly recommended!). This is a popular stop for all teams, so be sure to book ahead, and reference your Africa Rally Team Name to secure your discount

Mama Rula's Logo

Mama Rula’s B&B and Campsite

Congratulations, you’ve made it across Zambia (almost!) and to celebrate this fact why not treat yourself to a night at Mama Rula’s B&B and Campsite?

This super friendly family run venue is located just north of Chipata, and is the perfect place to stay ahead of crossing the border into Malawi the following day. Offering both rooms and camping (at a discounted rate to Africa Rally Teams, of course), you have options available to you, before either relaxing in the pool, or maybe catching up with other teams at the bar. This spot is both wheelchair and pet friendly, so if you are missing your furry friends back home you’ll have to say hello to their cheerful Labrador Frankie, or maybe even their newest puppy Fifi!

Click on the logo above to find out more, and do email / WhatsApp Beatrix to secure your reservation.

Wheel House

Wheelhouse Marina

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the Half Way Point! That’s surely a good excuse for a party.

The Official Half Way Party venue of choice is the simply beautiful Wheelhouse Marina in Senga Bay, Malawi. Situated on the Lake, just two hours from the capital, Lilongwe, it boasts being one of the few locations in the entire world where one is able to witness the simultaneous majesty of an African sunset, combined with a moonrise. It’s unique Wheelhouse Bar layout guarantees that you’ll get chatting to new friends, before maybe taking a swim to cool down, or a boat ride out onto the Lake to see the many types of wildlife that call the surrounding lake islands home.

This is a key stop for all Africa Rally Teams, prior to the Challenger & Discovery Routes diverging north and south. Rooms are available to book at a unique Africa Rally Discount, on a first come first served basis.


Rafiki Safari Camp

Perfectly situated on the Lake Road heading into northern Malawi, Rafiki Safari Camp offers gourmet quality food at a price equivalent to a glass of wine in London.

Combine this with the awesome campsite, luxury safari tents, and crystal clear pool, it’s a stop where you can truly unwind after a day on some challenging roads. Additionally, the camp is owned by two very experienced overlanders, who themselves completed a trip between Cape Town and Cairo, in a 1964 Volvo Amazon, in the not too distant past. You’ll find yourselves sitting on the deck chatting for hours about potential places to visit, quality of upcoming roads, as well as tips & tricks to make sure your team makes it across the finish line of The Africa Rally.

Simply click on their logo to find out more, or to book your stay.


Morrungulo Beach Lodge

Established in the late 1960s, Morrungulo is one of Mozambique’s oldest and most beautiful campsites.

Located in a palm fringed bay, 2 hours south of Vilanculos, near the town of Massinga, and 13kms off the main road, it’s the perfect place to spend a few days embracing your inner Robinson Crusoe. Whether you self-camp, or rent one of their chalets, you are never more than a few metres from the warm Indian Ocean and crystal white sand. Furthermore, July is the perfect time of year to Whale watch, and there is unparalleled diving. It is essential to pre-book trips with the Dive Centre, so do click on their logo to get in touch.

Africa Rally teams as always receive a discounted rate on accommodation, so with the rough road behind you, why not spend a few days here before the drive into our Finish Line.

Lake Shore Logo

Lake Shore Lodge

Four or five countries down, and two weeks or so into the rally. It’s probably time for some R’n’R before the final thousand kms to the finish line…

Surrounded by National Parks and Wilderness Areas, getting to Lake Shore Lodge on the banks of Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania is no easy task, but what awaits the avid explorer on arrival is 5-star bliss. The lodge provides a selection of accommodation types to fit all budgets, from camping through to luxury lakeside villas, along with everything from a spa and soul food, to a vast array of activities including Scuba Diving, Kayaking, and Sunset cruises.

For those teams taking the western route through Tanzania, this is definitely a stop you won’t want to miss. Reach out directly to book your place, but be sure to reference your Africa Rally Team Name to get your discount.

Serengeti Balloon Safaris Logo

Serengeti Balloon Safaris

It might not have escaped your notice that The Africa Rally passes by the Serengeti National Park around the time of The Great Migration. This is when more than a million and a half ungulates move to feed on the rain-fed grass of the northern plains. The best way to see this? From the air of course!

Serengeti Balloon Safaris have been operating over Serengeti National Park since 1989 and more recently over Ruaha National Park – they offer a truly unique way to witness the region’s wildlife. Untethered by roads, it’s possible to escape some of the more popular areas and enjoy the peace of the endless skies, making ballooning one of the most rewarding activities on safari. All Africa Rally teams receive a special discounted rate, but given the popularity of this experience, it’s best to get in touch sooner rather than later to book your spot!

Lake Shore Logo

Victoria Sands Lodge

You’ve made it to Kenya… our Finish Line beckons… just one final challenge before you can enjoy the magic of Victoria Sands Lodge.

The challenge? A 7km driveway awesomely off-road, before reaching the white sandy beaches of the lodge, sitting literally on the banks of Lake Victoria. Plan ahead, as you don’t want to be late for the finish line party! You can already book lodge accommodation both for the night of the finish line party, and those preceding / proceeding the event, after such an epic adventure we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to have a few days poolside eating impossibility good food!

House on Fire Logo

House on Fire

You’ve made it to eSwatini… and our Finish Line, lauded as one of the most eclectic venues in the world, beckons…

House on Fire beautifully connects a variety of artistic talents, in perfect harmony with an experienced management team who seriously know how to organise a great event. For the last two decades House on Fire has been home to Bushfire Festival, which sees over 20,000 people descend on the farm for a weekend of awesome art & music.

While our Finish Line will be smaller in size, Teams can still expect top notch service, food, and drinks, with the added benefit of plenty of space, to invite any friends down to wave them home after three weeks on the road. Click on the logo to find out more about what House on Fire has in store.

There are many truly amazing places to eat, drink, and to simply enjoy, along the route of the Africa Rally; some of which we have even provided our seal of recommendation to!
Details on these will be confirmed shortly by our Advanced Research Team. Follow us on Instagram for live updates.


Morgenhof Estate Logo

Liqui Moly South Africa

With over 60 years of experience, and over 4,000 items in their portfolio, LIQUI MOLY are undoubtably the go-to provider for motor oil, additives, and lubricants on the Global stage – and now, we are happy to announce LIQUI MOLY South Africa’s Official Support for The Africa Rally.

In a uniquely generous move, they have agreed to not only support our staff vehicles, but provide all teams entering The Africa Rally with a vehicle survival kit. This kit will give this year’s teams the best possible chance of reaching the finish line, whatever they are driving, no matter how ridiculous.

Watch this space, because we will be testing their products to the limit, and if they can get us across Africa, they’ll certainly get you to the shops and back. Click the logo to check out their full product list.


Geotab Africa

It’s fair to say that here at The Africa Rally we always like to work with likeminded innovative people, and often it can require some out of the box thinking to meet the unique demands that running a pan-African charity road trip holds.

This is why we are so pleased to be working with Geotab. They have adapted their fleet and asset tracking solutions perfectly, to meet the needs of The Africa Rally. Historically we have always had a 24/7 emergency line during our events, but now for the first time there won’t be any question about where that team is located. This extra level of safety should allow Africa Rally Teams to be bold and take the road less travelled like never before!

Morgenhof Estate Logo

Morgenhof Wine Estate

After a chance encounter with their lead winemaker, Morgenhof Wine Estate have decided to gift some of their finest wine to the participants of the Africa Rally.

We’re all about bringing people together, and this top-quality Stellenbosch vineyard shares this passion, both in the creation of their wines and in their approach to living life to the full. Whether you’ll be at our launch party or not, we highly recommend checking out their wines.

Adventure Overland logo

Adventure Overland Show

Where do you go if you are looking for teammates to join you on The Africa Rally? Well, to the biggest gathering of Adventure Overlanders in the UK of course!

The Adventure Overland Show in Stratford Upon Avon each September, showcases a variety of useful companies to know in preparing for your Rally, while exposing you to likeminded people, all while having a fantastic party! The best bit? The team from Africa Rally Group will all be there in person exhibiting, so you’ll be able to come down and have us answer all of your questions before you sign up. Click the logo to get your tickets!

Rooftop Utopia Logo

Rooftent Utopia

Sleep cannot be overrated – especially if you’ve got a day of driving off road ahead of you! This is why we are pleased to announce the support of Rooftent Utopia in kitting out our Advanced Research Team’s Staff vehicles; you may have seen their handywork already on our Instagram page, however they are here for you as well!

Located just outside of Chichester, UK they are ready to support any Africa Rally teams no matter how ridiculous the vehicle! Click here to find out more.

Rooftent Utopia tent

Are you a company who believes they might have a useful product to support our teams, or one of our events? There may well be sponsorship options available to you! Get in touch via and let us know!

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